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Is your computer giving you a headache running slowly or just misbehaving, probably it is full of lost information or viruses, trojans, spy-ware and so on or maybe the hard drive is in need of good cleaning? Have you accidentally deleted some important information or lost it when your system crashed? If you are considering a new system or upgrading your existing PC and you are not sure what to do, then call us.
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Looking for ideas and solutions? Want to have a website for your business but don’t know how and what to choose? Or thinking about redesigning your old one? Do you know your website is the “face” of your business? Are you pleased with your reflection in World-Wide-Web mirror? Together we can find the ideal solution. If you find something helpful, interesting and useful for yourself or your company on this site we will be pleased to help you to realize your ideas or solve your problems.

Thank you both for my computer. It's got everything I ever wanted. I think it's absolutely brilliant. I'm fighting my brother Adam off with a stick in order to use it. Thank you again for what you have done.

Sarah Hague, student

We want to say thanks to DalePc for their design and development in such short period of the web site for our medieval re-enactment society "Myth". This web site helps us keep all our members informed and up to date of all events and anouncments past, present and future. Many thanks again.

Ksu and Vladimir Tur (Directors)
and all members

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